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Become An Internationally Accredited Relationship Coach - We Give You Clients Once You Qualify! (& Our Proven 7-Figure Business Model)

We show you how to get ideal clients, sell high-ticket and quickly make back your initial investment to become profitable right away
Hear from our client Emily as she shares how she doubled her revenue just 2 months after launching
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Everything you need to create your purpose-driven, sustainable and profitable online coaching business is included.
Hear from Wade and how once he got accredited as a Relationship Coach we helped him to get clients flowing to his calendar - IN HIS SLEEP!
Apply Now To Discover...
A simple, step-by-step process to get you from start-up to six-figure online coach, in any coaching niche. We cover every aspect of your training, launch and how to scale for a profitable online business that gives you FREEDOM & A RELIABLE INCOME
Step into phenomenal success not just as a coach, but as a coaching business owner – learn the difference!
Gain the skills and tools for a highly profitable, work from home, online business that has quality, purpose and client satisfaction at its core.
Hear from current and past clients who have invested in this award-winning training and online business system and witness their incredible success and personal transformation.
See a breakdown of the ROI, and how our current clients are making in excess of £20k A MONTH in their first 3 months of launching using this unique model.
Become an expert in powerful, transformational sales psychology, to transform lives – your own, as well as the lives of your clients, your family and loved ones.
Why Is Our Coach Training The Very Best Career Choice?
The online coaching industry just hit the $1 billion mark in 2020, and the Dating industry is now estimated to be worth $3,2 billion worldwide, with a predicted growth of at least 7% year on year for both in the coming 3 years. Whatever niche you choose - dating, relationships or any other topic you can only win. At Love Rewired we saw our revenue double through Covid in 2020, with a 57% increase in client inquiries for relationship coaching. The demand for personal and relationship coaching, has never been higher as more people want to feel connected with themselves and to find a loving partnership.

There is a mass awakening happening, and we want you to be a part of this with us!

You may think that it takes years of training and expensive degrees and doctorates to become a world-class LR® coach and to own a profitable business.

You may also think that you need to be in a successful relationship or marriage to become an effective relationship coach, right?

The Truth To Fast-Tracking Your Coaching Skills & Your Business Is: Leverage OUR success and learn from the best to climb to the top – IN RECORD TIME!
The truth is this – your past mistakes, pain and failures are EXACTLY what will make you the best possible coach and mentor for others who are struggling in their lives. It is essential that we understand how it feels to sit with the frustration, pain and loneliness that all clients feel when they come for help.

As long as you follow our training and are willing to change, grow, and self- reflect, then you will be able to help your clients effectively. You will experience PROFOUND change and transformation as a result of this training.

Find out how you can qualify in one of the most effective and fast-growing coaching niches, become your own boss, and learn our unsurpassed coaching methods and online business skills.

You really can enjoy a lucrative, financially stable and fulfilling career transforming lives. Accelerate your coaching business success with this comprehensive training to enjoy immediate financial freedom, client success and abundance - on your terms.
Don’t just become a coach or change your career — transform your life — and help us to transform the lives of millions of other people around the world.

Join the globally-renowned celebrity relationship expert, Kate Mansfield, and learn the same transformational techniques used on celebrities, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and world leaders at the top of their game.

Benefit from over twenty years of research and development, as Kate Mansfield shares the simple but powerful steps you can use to create life-changing outcomes and live a PROFITABLE, IMPACT DRIVEN AND PURPOSEFUL life.

To date, Kate has coached more than 600 people using her super-effective relationship coaching techniques. Is it your turn?
Why this decision will be life-changing - you will never look back…
The world has changed beyond recognition and the Covid-19 pandemic has seen devastating casualties. But with every crises there is enormous opportunity. We all have a choice – are you READY? READY to claim abundance, purpose, impact and PROFIT in a tried and proven niche and online business model?


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